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How to Be One of the Most Beautiful Women in the World

Some say beauty is only skin deep. Some say that everyone is beautiful because beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. As women, we are taught the picture of beauty lies in the fashion magazines, on the television screen, on the billboards, and even on the runway. Over the years, I thought of myself as a cute woman, not ugly but not beautiful. Over my wise thirty years, I have come to understand that to be pretty or fine is one thing but beauty is achievable by any woman with the right lifestyle. Beauty is the combination of physical upkeep and inner growth that showcases a beautiful athletic body, body, and soul. Let me offer you some tips on how to be the most beautiful you that you can be.

#1 Accept that consistency is the key.
Let go of the shortcuts that our society offers to obtain beauty. Come to terms with the fact that we can’t jump into a human sized microwave and come out the most beautiful woman that we were created to be. With shortcuts we become our own beautiful reconstruction instead of the God-given beauty that we were born with. Life is a process and so is the beauty of life.

#2 Become best friends with the idea of discipline.
The highest paid athletes are the ones who put blood, sweat, and tears into their repetitions. They practice. Practice some more and practice some more. The greatest musicians eat, sleep, and practice what they love. These are not special people that have special traits of discipline. These are people that decide to be the best by finding what works for them and then doing it over and over until it becomes them. Without the practice of discipline a beautiful and healthy body is unlikely. Without the disciplines of daily upkeep and maintenance of our bodies and our minds, we never achieve that place that we dream of. The results we seek showcase themselves after consistent application. Beautiful skin, hair, bodies, and attitudes are merely the results of continuous care and action.

#3 Be patient as you find what works for you.
Some people meditate and pray early in the morning and some late at night. Some women continue on the search for that perfect skin care solution, makeup line, and hair care regiment until they find what works for them. Some give up and some give up before they start. There are so many options because there are so many different people in the world with all types of personalities, skin, hair, and nail textures, and body compositions. You must accept this and keep searching until you find what is for you. It took me thirty years to find the best way for my hair, skin, and nails to be beautiful. I kid you not. Now, with consistency I am pleased with my appearance and walk with an attitude of uniqueness because I found what works for me.

#4 Don’t reinvent the wheel but make it your own.
To each their own. That’s what I was taught. Through my younger years, I frustrated myself to no resolve by trying to be someone else. Then on the other extreme when I decided to embrace my individuality I tried to change the basics. Either way my only result was frustration and poor results. We all have to apply the basics of health in our minds, bodies, and souls. It’s inevitable. We all have to eat. We all have to exercise. We all have to consistently maintain an upkeep schedule. We all have to take control of our thoughts and emotions daily. We are different yet the same. We put on our pantyhose the same way. We just choose to wear them with different ensembles. Maintaining your beauty requires your own routine that must involve the basics.

All Women Are Beautiful Regardless of Body Shape

Every woman tend to have different types of body shapes and it is important for them to choose the right clothing that suits their figure as it can help them to bring out their best physical attributes. Regardless of what type of body figure you have, you can still dress up to your very own style and bring out your best points. Most importantly, you need to feel comfortable and confident with what you are wearing.

Types of body shapes

Many women gain weight in different areas and there are certainly some who are because of heredity from their previous generations. There are basically four different types of shapes.


A curvy waistline is the most ideal figure that most people want to have. The width of your bust and shoulder are the same as your hips.


The upper body tends to be larger than the lower body and when they gain weight, it is likely to show on the waist.


It is also known as bell or triangular shape as their upper body tends to be smaller than their lower body and when they gain weight, it is likely to show on the thighs, legs and hips.


It is also known as the straight or athletic body type and this type of people tend to have lesser defined body curves. The body weight is evenly distributed as the breast, waist and hips measurement are similar.

Fashion tips for different body shapes


Women with this can show off their curves. Choose clothing that can define your waistline such as wrap dresses, clinched waists, belt, high waist pants and skirts, tailored blouses, fitted skirt and dress and jeans. Do not wear too many accessories and choose monochromatic colours.


Women of this body outline can show off their legs. Go for v-neck tops, clinched waists, wrap tops, nipped waist jacket, raised waist, empire tops and dresses, low-rise jeans and even pair it with short skirts.


You would want to wear something that will draw the attention away from the hips. Choose clothing that are wider neckline, tops with pattern, wear dark and light colours together, boot cut jeans, asymmetric skirt and jacket that fall above hip.


Most people of this type have well-built body. Go for v-neck tops, jacket with defined waist, low rise straight jeans, layering and tops that have patterns on the bust area.